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Stainless steel fiber

stainless steel fiberWe manufacture international standard stainless steel fiber. stainless steel fibers are widely used in the Refractories and in the reinforced concrete to increase the strength under tension. For customer's convenience these fibers are available in different shapes and cut length. Steel fiber manufactured by us has been tested under stringent quality parameters to make sure that it brings the following effects:

  • Increase in strength.
  • High capacity of tensile strain.
  • Better bonding with materials.
  • High thermal compatibility.

Other than these effects, our Stainless Steel Fiber has the following advantages:

  • Easy for mixing and gunning.
  • Increase in the life of refractory.
  • Cost-effective on account of long life.
  • Effective resistance to corrosion at high temperatures.

These fibers are extensively procured for the following applications:

  • Low cement castable.
  • Lance pipe, burner blocks.
  • Iron ladle, Electric Arc Furnace.
  • Steel ladle, Ladle bottom.
  • Blast Furnace runner.
  • Torpedo ladle.
  • Feed Area Tundish.
  • Trimming ladle.
  • Ladle Furnace Roof.
  • Battery Top, Doors.
Six flat crimped steel fibers
Flat crimped stainless steel fiber
A pile of melt extract stainless steel fiber
Melt extract stainless steel fiber
A few loose hooked end type steel fibers
Loose hooked end steel fiber
A plate glue steel fiber, and a few loose fibers beside it
Glued steel fiber

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