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Micro Opening Stainless Steel Cloth

Winner offers the comprehensive range of micron wire cloths, ranging to ultra fine options and manufactured from stainless steel and all metallic materials and alloys. All wire cloth is manufactured using the most modern production equipment under clean conditions.

Our woven wire filter cloths are ideally suited to surface filtration applications, and have proved their worth in many different environments and situations.

A piece of stainless steel cloth with micro opening
Plain weave micro opening stainless steel cloth
 A piece of dutch weave stainless steel cloth with micro opening
Dutch weave micro opening stainless steel cloth

Microbic Wire Cloth offers the following features:

  • Optimum flow rates.
  • Narrow pore size distribution.
  • Precise alignment of filter pores.
  • Stability.
  • Rigidity.
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion.
  • No particle dissolution.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Excellent levels of plasticity.
  • Chemical and thermal resistance.
  • Smooth surface structure.
  • High levels of reliability.

The fine wire cloths are used in:

  • Pressure filters for fine filtration in hydraulic steering equipment.
  • Oil and fuel filters.
  • Pressure and vacuum filters.
  • As porous media for fluid beds.
  • Filter candles.
  • Medical science.
  • Food and beverage industry.
  • Plastics industry.


  • Microbic Wire Cloths are used worldwide for their high performance properties:
  • Accuracy of weave.
  • Regularity.
  • High stability.
  • Rigidity.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Thermal resistance.
  • Resistance to moisture.
  • No static loading.
  • Ease of fabrication.

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